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I am a local Vancouver steadicam operator and I would like to expand my network to commercials. I have been an IATSE 669 member for 11 years, and have worked ...

Bob Findlay

Camera Operator
An experienced operator from Australia now working locally in Vancouver. Check out my work and let's connect.

Jose Manzano

Camera Operator
This is Jose Manzano a Vancouver local Steadicam operator, in the case an opportunity arises. I’m available for any Regular, gimbal or Steadicam operating work. Please consider me for any ...
An experienced Steadicam Operator, currently seeking an opportunity to contribute to the next interesting project in Metro Vancouver. Feel free to explore my portfolio, and let's connect.

Production Assistant

Camera Operator

Tammy Jones

Camera Operator
I have operated steadicam for 10 years. I own a full sized XCS rig, Pro Arm, Preston remote focus, Vehicle mount, Wave (horizons stabilizer), 3' over keeper, easyrig Vario, cart. ...