The Commercial Production industry represents a large segment of the film production activity in British Columbia. Yet, unlike Film and Television production, which have powerful unions to set the standards for a safe, respectul, inclusive working environment, there are currently no standards set for the commercial side of the industry.

The Commercial Production Association of Western Canada (CPAWC) is a group formed by the leaders in commercial production. It is an ideal vehicle through which to launch an initiative to set standards for diversity, inclusivity and sensitivity in the commercial production industry in Western Canada. Ultimately, CPAWC will empower the commercial production industry in Western Canada to be a leader in creating and maintaining safe, respectul and diverse working environments.

CPAWC is also joining forces with the Directors Guild of Canada's #sonotcool campaign. The goal is to empower everyone to speak up and simply say "that's so not cool" when we hear or see anything unwelcome or inappropriate.

For more information on #sonotcool, visit: sonotcool.ca

On this site you will find resources to help you learn more about the initiative and what the standards are.

We will be launching in-person training sessions soon to earn new school skills and techniques on how to address incidents of insensitivity should they occur.  Stay tuned!