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I am a local Vancouver steadicam operator and I would like to expand my network to commercials. I have been an IATSE 669 member for 11 years, and have worked ...
Talented filmmaker capable in various roles. Experience directing medium budget tourism campaigns, with additional experience in DOP, Cam Op, 1st AC, Gaffer and PA roles.
Production Sound Services for Film, Television, Commercial & Video Productions.

Cheryl Moujabber

Script Supervisor

Chris Oben

Director of Photography
I’m Eugene, DP/Cinematographer and filmmaker. I have a strong passion for shooting videos. I truly love what I do. I have a lot of experience shooting commercials, corporate and landscape ...

Filip Smola


Geoff Wallace

Director of Photography

Glynda Fitzgerald

Script Supervisor

Ian Jones

Sound Mixer
JOHN SCOTT Gloslee Hello, I have been in the music industry for over 20 years, then had 2 1/2 years experience as composer/sound mixer/recordist/sound editor for When Paintings Come Alive, ...

Jose Manzano

Camera Operator
1st AC member of IATSE 669

Juan Hayes


Julie Webster

Script Supervisor

Kim MacNaughton

Camera / DIT / VTR / Sound / Script

Mark Barry

Sound Mixer

Matt Maddaloni

Sound Mixer
Vancouver is busy! Myself or my crew are available at short notice. Out of bag mixer / boom combo for drama, commercial and documentary. I specialize in extreme sports and ...

Nathan Evans

Sound Mixer