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Sheldon Steckman

First Aid Craft Service

Shelley Sivell

Producer/Production Supervisor

Shin Campos

Shin is dual Canadian/US citizen who has been working in productions throughout the world for the last 15 years. Specializing in outdoor and remote productions. Co-owner in Whistler Creek Productions.

Simply Divine Catering

First Aid Craft Service
We have provided film, TV and commercial catering around British Columbia for the past 29 years. We have reliable and easy-going. We offer excellent service and food quality with a ...

Specialty Lighting

Grip / Electrics
Bespoke lighting supplier for the Arts and Entertainment industry.

Sr VFX supervisor

VFX Supervisor
"StandStill Productions is a video production company based in Kelowna BC, offering videography services across multiple markets including the music industry, corporate advertisements, tourism and outdoor/adventure, etc. StandStill equips you ...

Stephanie Ostler

Wardrobe Stylist
I am a Vancouver clothing designer. I have 15 years of casual experience working in film, mostly through my clothing company Devil May Wear. I am now offering services in ...

Steve Hedden

1st Assistant Director

Steven Foote

Art Department
Storyboard Artist/ Concept Illustrator A professional with 15+ years of Canadian and International experience in Film and Animation. Password for Website: andrei996

Susan Chipman

Boom Operator

Suvikram Bedi

Director of Photography

Sydney Robertson


Tai Scott


Talent Coordinator, Assistant Production Coordinator, Office Key PA

Production Coordinator / Assistant Supervisor
Emerging Director/Producer who is currently working in the commercial field in the Production department. Mostly doing gigs as Talent Coordinator and Office Key PA now, I recently did my first ...

Tammy Jones

Camera Operator
I have operated steadicam for 10 years. I own a full sized XCS rig, Pro Arm, Preston remote focus, Vehicle mount, Wave (horizons stabilizer), 3' over keeper, easyrig Vario, cart. ...

Tanner Zurkoski

Production Coordinator / Assistant Supervisor