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Canadian Citizen, worked as PM for a Ad Agency in São Paulo, Brazil and have recently moved to Vancouver. Throughout my career in advertisement in SP, I’ve worked with some of the main players in the Brazilian market such as Volvo, Vivo (Telefonica), Hyundai, Vigor, Embraer, Brookfield, etc. During that period I’ve learned the full process that a film involves, starting by the briefing with the client and team, managing internally and externally creatives (Directors, DP, Sound Designers, etc.) to getting the final project approved and online. As being the PM, I had the responsibility of conducting up to 12 different clients at the same period and having up to 4 sets per week, with shootings for campaigns, content and social media. For this to work in harmony, the key elements that I was able to provided were creating an excellent environment for my colleges, keeping great communication with the team, maintaining a positive mindset and being ahead of schedule. Looking to work and grow as a Producer here in Vancouver, currently available for jobs.