Individual / CrewCasting / Talent / StuntStunt Person / Coordinator Altus Risk Management and Safety Consultants
Altus specializes in risk assessment, provides safety services, and offers logistical expertise to work safely in complex terrain. This allows our clients to focus on achieving their production objectives for film, television, or print.

Altus carries wide-ranging liability insurance, permits, and crown land tenures to operate in the sea to sky region. We provide private rescue insurance on all of our jobs. These are some of the perks of having Altus on your side. Our team has been working together for years in accordance with IFMGA / ACMG standards, operating guidelines, and procedures.

Altus can close the knowledge gap on safety and risk management while working in remote wilderness locations. The safety of the cast and crew is always our top priority. We have the infrastructure to operate in a challenging environment.
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